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    Fact: I am a sucker for sappy rom-coms, especially when I’m flying. I think it has to do with their innocuousness vs. my apprehension for turbulence; the lighter the fare, the less I think about the bumps. I’ve seen some of the finest worst movies on flights. On a recent trip home from Calgary, having already watched one of said movies, and with no reading material in sight to last me the remaining 45 minutes (unless I wanted to read about where I could dine from Tofino to Tel Aviv for more money than I’d ever spend on a meal - thanks a lot en route magazine), I decided to write this update!  It was that or watch reruns of 2 Broke Girls. To be clear, I would chose turbulence and no seatback TV over 2 Broke Girls.

    So! Here we are.

    Academics: year 2 of my PhD appears to be over. I completed my coursework, learned some German, and recently presented some of my research on Gerard Grisey and spatial music, Golden-Age hip-hop, and publishing habits in the music theory discipline. Next up is comprehensive exams - so it’s unlikely another post will happen here until this time 2017...

    Performance: most of my performing this last year has been with Architek Percussion, which ain’t no slouch. We toured the Montreal boroughs with support from the Conseil des Arts de Montreal, playing our Blips and Beats program for four drum kits, and collaborated with groups such as TorQ Percussion and Viva Voce. In August we’ll be travelling to the UK and Norway to work with composers there on some new repertoire, and to perform Adam Basanta’s The Privacy of Domestic Life.

    Life: is still ticking along. Summer weather and scheduling bring more opportunity to chase my toddler around playgrounds, teach him how to “play” soccer, go exploring with Jess, watch friends get married, figure out what tastes best on my BBQ, and sit on some of the 234980398234098 great bar and cafe patios that Montreal’s population manages to support. Of course I’ll do some work too, or I’ll end up as penniless as the female co-stars of the TV show I mentioned earlier.