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  • Fall 2015

    2015 so far:

    Academics: finished first year of a PhD in Music Theory: most coursework is now completed, and the upcoming academic year includes some interesting collaborative research with Denis Martin funded by CIRMMT, more undergraduate teaching, and the completion of language reading exams and remaining seminars. 14/15's success is measured by the fact that I am still interested in my program and music theory in general. I find that the upkeep of this interest in the discipline requires equal doses of idealism, skepticism, and self-awareness. Put another way, I love what I'm researching, but I evaluate its usefulness and validity on an ongoing basis, reminding myself that, in the present situation of music academics, music theory can be both vital and peripheral.

    Performance: travelled near and far with Architek Percussion, namely Edmtonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax, and Indianapolis. Premiered many great new works, re-visited old ones, engaged with new audiences, and made a few bucks. The upcoming year promises some new terrain for the ensemble in the way of more ambitious collaborations and touring.

    Other: entered year 4 of marriage and year 2 of fatherhood. Travelled to Chicago for the first time and snapped a whole lot of panoramas when I wasn't busy visiting ballparks, sampling local brews and coffee roasts, or marvelling at architecture.