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  • Fatherhood / New Directions

    It's been a cold winter in Canada, but with the arrival of April things are beginning to look up.  Architek Percussion was busy throughout March, performing several times at the Cluster Festival in Winnipeg, and once more at O Patro Vys in Montreal.  We had a great time at Cluster; our hosts were very generous, and all our colleagues were an inspiration (not to mention providing some good hangs).  We perfromed 11 new works based on Georges Aperghis' Zig Bang book.  You can watch some of them on Architek's youtube page.  An exciting and fulfilling project to be sure, and a real pleasure to work with the 11 composers involved!

    The end of March brought two more pieces of good news.  First - my acceptance back to McGill, where I'll begin a PhD in Music Theory in September.  The last few years have been fun and exciting, but I'm looking forward to returning to the academic world for this new venture, where I'll be studying analytical techniques of popular music, particularly focussing on rhythm / metre as they relate to form.  Second - our baby Simon made it into the world without incident at the end of March, and he's doing great.  Three weeks later, he can already play most Beatles songs on the piano, and is beginning to learn how to read guitar tablature.  What a guy!  Now if I can only teach him to change his own diaper...